I’m Jen Gumbel, educator, speaker and creator of An Organized (after)Life. I’ve spent over a decade walking families through the legal to-do list they’re left with and I am dedicated to something my industry doesn’t do well, equipping people to leave a manageable to-do list. I challenge people to make good legacy and understand that considering the number of your days isn’t morbid: it makes you wise.

Considering the number of your days changes how you live by bringing focus in your day to day living, in your work and your family and your community.

I challenge people to consider their legacy. Whether it’s digging into what lasting impact can be or the practical information of how to leave a manageable legal to-do list so that people are able to recognize and carry on legacy.

I cover topics like:

  • estate planning
  • financial organization
  • legacy and lasting impact
  • momento mori
  • leadership
  • parenting

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